Karlovy Vary/Karlsbad, Mariánské Lázně/Marienbad, Františkovy Lázně/Franzensbad. By Roswitha Schieb

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The West Bohemian spas in the Czech Republic were throughout all epochs international attractions for writers and others personalities from the world of art and politics. In the Literary Travel Guide this is mirrored by a wealth of German and Czech as well as other foreign-language texts. The walks through the famous spa towns Karlsbad/Karlovy Vary, Marienbad/Mariánské Lázně and Franzensbad/Františkovy Lázně lead on the traces of most famous authors like Goethe and Kafka, but also of less known names like Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach or Louis Fürnberg. Quotations of representatives of Czech literature such as Božena Němcová, Jan Neruda or Karel Čapek in turn show a very own view of the spas inhabited mostly by Bohemian Germans. The book invites to a voyage of discovery into the region, where the cultural flair of the past and the present can be experienced through new impulses like local initiatives and festivals. Find a content sample here.

Author Biography

Roswitha Schieb, born in 1962 in Recklinghausen, lives as a freelance author, essayist and journalist in Borgsdorf near Berlin. In addition to books on theater and short stories, she has published several cultural-historical titles on Rügen, Berlin, Poland, Silesia, Breslau/Wroclaw, Galicia and Bohemia, including »Journey to Silesia and Galicia. An Archaeology of Feeling«, Berlin 2000 (2nd edition 2014); »Breslau/Wroclaw. Moments of a City«, Potsdam 2003; »Literary travel guide Breslau«, Potsdam 2004 (3rd edition predicted 2021); »Literary travel guide Bohemian Spa Triangle. Karlsbad/Karlovy Vary, Marienbad/Marianske Lazne, Franzensbad/Frantiskovy Lazne«, Potsdam 2016 (2nd edition 2019); »Rips. Thirty German Biographies«, Berlin 2019; »Berlin Literary History. Epochs, Works, Authors, Locations«, Berlin 2019 and »Silesia. History, Landscape, Culture«, Berlin 2020.

Literary Travel Guide Bohemian Spa Triangle
Publication in German language with colored maps, photographs and elaborated appendix. Published by Deutsches Kulturforum östliches Europa, Potsdam 2019 (2nd edition).

€ 19,80 | ISBN 978-3-936168-86-0