Hoffmeister Quartet on period instruments

CD-Production of Deutsches Kulturforum östliches Europa in cooperation with PROFIL-Edition Günter Hänssler (PH09046)

Anton Ferdinand Titz was born in Nuremberg in 1742. As of 1771, he was engaged as a violinist at the imperial orchestra in St. Petersburg and as a chamber musician for Catherina the Great. With his 12 string quartets Titz can rightly be considered the founder of a separate string quartet tradition in Russia.

Hoffmeister Quartet on period instruments

Christoph Heidemann | violin (1st in Tracks 1–7)

Ulla Bundies | violin (1st in Tracks 8–13)

Aino Hildebrandt | viola

Martin Seemann | violoncello


Recordings: October 2008, Grunewaldkirche Berlin, Recording producer and digital editing: Uwe Walter, Dipl.-Tonmeister VDT, Produced by Deutsches Kulturforum östliches Europa, Klaus Harer

Anton Ferdinand Titz: String Quartets for the Imperial Court of St. Petersburg (Vol. 2). Hoffmeister-Quartett. First release on period instruments. Cooperation with profil-Edition Günter Hänssler. Booklet notes in german & english. Total time 76:02. € 15,00.

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