The collapse of two Medieval church towers in Transylvania has put the spotlight on the parlous state of the country's ancient heritage.
Balkan Insight, 17.02.2016

by Marian Chiriac

[…] Some date back to the early Middle Ages, when Transylvania's then Hungarian rulers invited Germans to come and settle the borders of the kingdom. Now, however, two of them have collapsed, casualties of neglect rather than of acts of hostility.

The bell tower of the church in Roades, near Brasov, which dates from the 15th century fell down on Wednesday as a result of fissures in its already fragile structure. The tower of the fortified church in Rotbav - Rothbach in German – also near Brasov, collapsed two days later, allegedly because of the intense traffic on a nearby road. […]

Collapsing Churches Cause Dismay in Romania
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