• 18.12.2017

    Musical discoveries from Eastern Europe

    reading online or download Up to now, the diverse cultural history of Eastern Europe has concealed numerous forgotten and little-known treasures, which got buried away in times of competing nationalisms and later of ideological cultural doctrines. During the EU Year of European Cultural Herita ...
  • 22.01.2013

    A major discovery

    MusicWeb international • 08.09.2008 […] These performances are persuasive advocates for Hoffmann’s forgotten musical genius, and we’re lucky to not only have these pieces so well performed, but recorded in perfect sound, rich and colorful yet never overbearing. Bravo to profil and everyone involved with this releas ...
  • 28.05.2009

    Anton Ferdinand Titz: String Quartets for the Imperial Court of St. Petersburg (Vol. 2)

    CD-Production of Deutsches Kulturforum östliches Europa in cooperation with PROFIL-Edition Günter Hänssler (PH09046) Anton Ferdinand Titz was born in Nuremberg in 1742. As of 1771, he was engaged as a violinist at the imperial orchestra in St. Petersburg and as a chamber musician for Catherina the Great. With his 12 string quarte ...
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