06.02.2019 , 17:00
Vysoké Učení Technické v Brně (VUT) – Gallery
Poříčí 273/5, 639 00 Brno/Brünn, Česká republika

Drawing Bauhaus in Brno

Exhibition opening: Students from Bauhaus-University Weimar explore Bauhaus architecture in Brno

»Neues Bauen« (the modern movement) became a symbol of progress in the newly constituted states after the First World War, such as in Czechoslovakia. The new architecture allowed to overcome the Habsburgian baroque heritage. As the second largest city in Czechoslovakia and as industrial location, Brno played an important role, manifested in so many new buildings that it was also called »white city».

2018, a drawing class of the Bauhaus University Weimar conquered Brno on these tracks. We met experts in architecture like Vladimír Šlapeta, Zdeněk Makovský, Jan Šebánek. But of course, once in Brno, the students did not only draw modern architecture. The results of their stay have been combined into an exhibition that was already shown in Weimar and can now be seen in Brno, in the VUT Gallery – interested visitors are welcome!

Exhibition dates

7–22th February 2019

A Cooperation of VUT, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and Deutsches Kulturforum östliches Europa (German Culture Forum for Central and Eastern Europe)

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