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600 Years of Chernivtsy

A town set between yesterday and tomorrow " Panel-Discussion and Slide-Show

Chernivtsy – historical view

With: Mariana Hausleitner (historian, Munich), Peter Rychlo (german specialist, journalist and translator, Chernovtsy/Vienna), Tina Veihelmann (journalist, Berlin) | chaired by: Helmut Böttiger (journalist, Berlin)

4.30 pm

While some are involved in examining the mythical image of the Habsburgian Chernivtsy, others try to depict the current condition of what is now a Ukrainian town. Although many buildings from the Habsburgian era still exist, the population was almost completely replaced after World War II. In comparing visions of the lives of its former inhabitants with those of the actual residents today, certain patterns become visible that extend into today’s everyday life, showing that the town itself serves as a dynamic driving force in development.


Mariana Hausleitner, since 2003 research assistant at the Institute for German Culture and History in South-Eastern Europe in Munich, holds also a university teaching position at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich and the Free University Berlin. As a member of the research group »Arbeitskreises Czernowitzer Presse« she published numerous articles about the town on the river Prut.

Peter Rychlo is a literary scholar, translator, associate professor for world literature at the university in Czernowitz and research assistant at the Bukowina-Institute there. His main field of research is the investigation of literary relations between Austria, Germany and the Ukraine. He is author of numerous books, amongst others he published the anthology czernowitz in the series europa erlesen (Klagenfurt 2004).

Tina Veihelmann works as a journalist and is editor for the East-West weekly journal Freitag. For her reportage on two villages at the river Oder, she was awarded with the Deutsch-Polnischen Journalistenpreis in 2007. In the context of a grant of the Literary Colloqium Berlin and the Robert Bosch Foundation she obtained 2007, she explores amongst others the actual job migration in Czernowitz.


Helmut Böttiger germanist, has been literary editor until 2001 at the Frankfurter Rundschau. In 1996, he was recipient of the Ernst-Robert-Curtius-Price. He now works as a columnist, critic and author in Berlin, his latest work is the narrative wie man gedichte und landschaften liest. celan am meer (Hamburg 2006).


5.45 pm – 6.30 pm
Chernivtsi and Frankfurt am Main — Two literary cities celebrate their anniversaries
Reception with Eastern European guests and music
Party to celebrate the 600th birthday of Chernivtsi, now Ukrainian, where once, as Paul Celan wrote, »people and books lived«, as well as the 60th anniversary of the Frankfurt Book Fair. With the literature specialist and lecturer in world literature at Chernivtsi University, Peter Rychlo, and the project manager of the Frankfurt Book Fair’s International Centre, Peter Ripken. Plus music from the Makám band from Hungary as the musical open Sesame! for that archaic world in which the Balkans, Africa and the Orient are linked as if by magic with jazz and classical music.
Cooperation: Frankfurt Book Fair regional group Central, Northern and Eastern Europe, German Cultural Forum for Eastern Europe

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